Fashion bloggers you must follow

Fashion bloggers you must follow

Now we can freely say that we live in a world where you can find help everywhere. It is especially popular to become a fashion blogger these days, because you can pretend to be an expert and give advice to people who have no fashion sense.

So that’s why we decided to offer you some help when it comes to fashion and to give you some recommendation when it comes to blogging. Even though you can always find the ones who have no knowledge about it, these ladies know what they are talking about, and you can always listen to their advices.
One of them is Danielle Bernstein, a young woman from New York who has her own blog called “WeWoreWhat”.

Good thing about this fashionista is that she is trying to combine clothes that are very trendy and on the other hand affordable.
She finds inspiration in every part of New York, because she likes to try out different things and styles.
Danielle knows that it is sometimes really hard to choose a good piece of clothing, so that’s why she decided to create this blog in order to help other young people.
Then we have a talented girl from Europe, to be precise – Italy, but she lives in London. Her name is Laura Fantacci and on her web site called “Wardrobe Icons” you can find glamorous combinations that are timeless.

She often says that she is not trying to offer something that is currently popular, but something that will never go out of style.
We definitely agree with this young lady, because there are some things that will always remain popular and trendy.



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