Two new glamorous looks for nails for 2016

Two new glamorous looks for nails for 2016

Getting your nails done or doing them yourself can add “oomph” to your whole look. 2015 saw nail art hitting its peak on social media and every girl sporting trendy designs, abstracts, floral patterns etc. on either super long nails or comfortable short ones.

Negative Spacing

Nail art might have lost its crowning glory this year to a hot newcomer. Negative Spacing! From the screens of advertisers and graphic designers, negative spacing has reached our fingernails. This trend is taking the nail fashion circuit by storm. Some of the patterns seen are just simple lines or even dots using the natural canvas of the nails.

A plain silver line was one of the favourites at the New York Fashion Week, while the more creative choose to use geometric patterns and abstract designs and some floral prints as well. Here is where you can add a colour twist to the sober French manicure.

So get out your favourite nail paints and make sure you have a good nail art brush and a steady hand. Pinterest and Instagram will never fail you for ideas to spark your creative fire.


What goes around comes around and the same goes for nail fashion too. Matte nails are back! If you are not a fan of the entire matte-finish look, use the negative spacing trick or you can even add some sparkle. You can alternate with a stripe or pattern of matte with sparkle or any other lacquer. If you've got an adventurous side, to you opt for the multi-colored look. Let's not forget ombré; use it on your nails! Try the matte ombre effect on two-three nails leaving the rest coated in transparent lacquer.


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