Five glamour accessories from

Five glamour accessories from is a unique service that helps you become a smart shopper, or more productive at shopping. There are several items listed in their catalog of computers, clothing & accessories, electronics, home & garden and other categories.

These items are scored from 0-100, where 100 is the highest score. The score reflects the site’s “confidence” in the item. The score is measured from the site’s analytics and statistical data of consumer and seller behavior. The items are also linked to a trusted seller and the best prices are displayed as well. You can now save the time you spend sifting through multiple pages and filters on other platforms.

Glamour accessories up your glamour quotient.

A simple button suspender such as the one from Men’s Duluth Trading co. can transform an otherwise boring outfit. Suspenders are not only a convenient alternative to waist belt but it is trendy as well. The suspensder from Duluth at scored a big 77 out of 100. It is priced at $19.50 and the link will take you to the seller website directly.

Headband can be an affordable yet, fashionable glamour accessory. You can contrast the headband color with your outfit, or get an embellished one to look glamourous. The Women’s UV Buff Print Headband is featured here, but scores only 45. 

A silk fan can make you look glamorous at a wedding or any summer event. The Elegant White Folding Fan by FashionCraft scored a 88.

Belts have always pulled an outfit together. The Magellan’s Braided Belt for men scored a 75 and makes a great glamour accessory.

Scarves are a clever glamour accessory. You can get any color or texture that will make your plain outfit look so much better. The DDI Scarves scored a 42 out of 100.

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