Amazing beauty hacks to try today

Amazing beauty hacks to try today

Let’s face the truth; we ladies want to look good all the time. But as much efforts we put into getting ready and dolled up, we forgo a lot of things simply because why waste extra efforts, right? Here are some of the amazing beauty hacks that we have tried and tested. It’s time to share these with you now!

•    Chipped nail paint or nails outgrowing your manicure can be easily tackled by applying a new layer over that area. Or you can apply glitter nail enamel to renew your mani. 

•    Whether you want to dry your nail paint, moisturizer, or self-tanner quickly, then you can set your blow dryer on a cool setting and let it do the rest of the job. 

•    Not everyone has chiselled face. But if you want to get definition, then contouring and highlighting is your safest bet. Make an inwards “3” on your temple, cheek bone and jawline with a concealer at least 2 shades lighter. Fill the hollow places with a contour powder and blend it all. 

•    Use old visiting cards or old credit cards to act as a guideline while applying eyeliner. This will prevent you from messing the eyeliner and will also help you in getting neat and crisp wing. 

•    Do you forget to remove makeup at bedtime or simply you’re too tired to do it? Worry not! Simply keep baby wipes or a makeup remover, next to your bed so that you remove the makeup easily while lying in the bed. 

•    If you have front bangs that get oily frequently, then pull all your back hairs in a high bun and wash the front hairs to get rid of oil and grease.

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