3 Common Adult Acne Myths, Busted

3 Common Adult Acne Myths, Busted

When it comes to adult acne there are many myths which are out there for example many tend to believe that acne only affect teenagers, well you are wrong. Below are just some of the common myths which are associated with acne.

1. What you eat has nothing to do with acne

Contrary to belief what you eat actually has something to do acne. This popular myth was brought about by a study which was conducted in the ‘60s and ‘70s which concluded that chocolates as well as other foods do not have any connection with acne. "These studies were so popular that people concluded diet had nothing to do with acne and stopped researching the topic for the next 40 years."

2. You should never eat chocolate if you are suffering from acne

Although there is a relationship that exists between diet and acne, throwing chocolate under the bus is unfair. Mona Gohara, a Yale School of Medicine MD associate clinical professor of dermatology, says that, "Essentially any food with a high glycemic index can increase blood cortisol levels and worsen acne,” that also includes breads, pasta as well as sweets. The good news is that you can actually have chocolate if you are suffering from acne, that said the, "The problem isn't the cocoa itself, it's the sugar and dairy that's added," says Marguerite Germain, MD, dermatologist in Charleston, SC.

3. Acne only affects teenagers

This is the most common misconception about acne which makes you wonder do we actually believe we can grow out of acne. A survey that was conducted on more than 1,000 adults found that acne actually does affect other people for instance women who are between 30 and 39 the percentage of them having acne was 35.


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