How to fix the common blackhead problem

How to fix the common blackhead problem

A blackhead is a combination of sebum and dead skin cells that harden to form this "plug" that turns black due to its contact with the outside air. They are irritating and painful to remove.  They usually form on your face and the T-zone area.  But they can also be present in order parts such as your neck, chest, back, shoulders, and sometimes inside the ear.

Permanent removal of these pesky dots is hard but it is not impossible.  You can remove one today but tomorrow it will probably grow back.  So there must be a way to deal with them once and for all. 

What to do

Prevention can be done using oil-free products and exfoliating regularly.  You can also visit a board-certified dermatologist who will help you with the best treatment if the case is extreme. 

Using strips is probably one of the most common (and satisfying) ways to get rid of blackheads.  But the results are only temporary. 

After blackheads have been properly removed, the open pores still exist. These can be tricky as they can cause scars. Pores need to be tightened and the best way to do this is through laser treatment. 

What NOT to do

The number one thing that you will probably try to do and you should definitively not do is to try and pop them out yourself using your nail or a tool.  Besides being futile as they will probably grow back tomorrow, you can harm your skin and even cause a scar. 

Avoid using harsh physical exfoliating as you might irritate your skin and not have the desired results. If you overdo it, with time, your blackheads will turn into pimples. 

Use caution when using strips. If you have sensitive skin, the strips might pull your natural skin with it. So, definitively do not choose strips if your skin is sensitive. 


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