How young is too young for makeup?

How young is too young for makeup?

 The beauty standards of today put pressure on women of all ages to use the latest trends of beauty and fashion. Teenagers especially feel pressure to use make-up to fit in with other groups of their peers. The question is, how young is too young for teenagers to get involved with beauty trends and fashion?

 There is no doubt a fine line that parents need to walk when it comes to their growing daughters. The media is filled with messages to teenagers that they need to be “cool” and “fit in” with the rest of the crowd. Their friends are also a source of pressure as they too listen to media outlets and others about what to wear.

 Parents are fighting an uphill battle between letting their daughters express themselves and keeping them focused on school studies and how to become a productive and confident member of society. Parents can help their daughters to understand, what is more, important in their life by gently coaching them from an earlier stage. Define what can and can’t be used, i.e. nail polish, chap-stick, subtle and complementary colors. Teaching them that yes, looks can be important, but school and their studies come first will help to put balance in their life, give them a better sense of direction and confidence in themselves and in their parents. 


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