How to Treat Burnt Hair after Straightening/Curling/Blow Drying Too Much

How to Treat Burnt Hair after Straightening/Curling/Blow Drying Too Much

New age perceptions about looking a particular way has robbed people of their natural sense of beauty and confidence. When people think “straight hair =-good, curly hair = bad,” they blow dry their locks frequently and put it through so many chemicals in an endless pursuit to ‘correct’ the situation. This may achieve  good results at first, but doing it often will ultimately burn your hair. Here are a few ways you can treat burnt hair after straightening, curling and/or blow drying it too much:

Cease all procedures, at least for a while… just let your hair be. Sure, you can wash it a few times a week, but other than that, don’t make it worse with more treatments like hair coloring and such.

Invest in natural hair care products. Curly hair follicles are naturally dry and treating them with sulphate-filled shampoos and conditioners will only add more fuel to the fire. Sulphates are the same ingredients you would find in detergents!

There are countless shampoos and conditioners available on the market that are no-poo or low-poo. These are popular terms used by enthusiasts who swear by going all-natural. A no-poo product would not have any of the sulphates, silicone or chemically enhanced ‘fragrances.’ People emphasize ripe bananas, avocados, fresh eggs and other natural ingredients such as henna, shikakai, coconut milk, olive oil, essential oils… The list is endless.  These products can be combined to multiply the benefits and also suit your hair type or preferred fragrance.

It’s all DIY, of course, but the benefits are limitless. It takes a while for the hair to get adjusted to new products and to undo the damage already created by harsh chemicals and heated devices, so be patient and continue on your quest of repairing your hair with the smallest amount of chemical warfare as you can.

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