Calvin Klein to feature Kendall Jenner in beauty ads

Calvin Klein to feature Kendall Jenner in beauty ads

Every year, Calvin Klein’s campaign is a real surprise. Not only the clothes are amazing, but the people who are featured in the ads are always unexpected stars. This year, of course, things are exactly the same, and we had the surprised to see Kendal Jenner in some wonderful pictures.

Kendall Jenner was already popular among designers, and with her popularity she can transform any piece of clothing into a trend overnight. She is not the only celebrity to wear Calvin Klein’s new spring collection; Justin Bieber is also starring in the new advertisements.

Klein’s campaign is not limited to a few pop stars and a few internet ads, but the designer gathered talented people from all over the world. He created a mix of diverse artists, singers and actors, and he is ready to emphasize their unique personality in his new advertisements. He will create a new internet campaign as well as various pictures and events.

This season, he has maintained the basic elements of the underwear, but he has created a new line that is supposed to be more fashionable, more comfortable, and sexier. The only thing left to do is to wait and see all the pictures that display Kendall Jenner’s assets for the new campaign.

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