Beauty Trends for 2015

Beauty Trends for 2015

Hairstyles: Hairs plays an important role to complete a nice and well styled look this time it is less about buns but more about Ponytails, knots and braids. Yes, we all loved the idea of messy buns but let’s now work on good polished ponytails and braids. You can make an easy neat and clean braid but don’t be afraid of thin braids if you don’t have that fuller thick hairs go for a messy braid, knots are quite in too.

Minimal makeup: Just go with the minimal makeup “less the more” this year. Stay away heavy foundations instead of that go with light BB creams or concealers just to hide the blemishes or any kind of spots just work on your natural beauty this year.

Go big with eyeliners: Minimal makeup or may be a bold liner. Yes ladies bold lines are very in this year not only in black but in other eye catching colors like blues. Go with big bold eyeliners may be a thick winged eyeliner and don’t be afraid to follow this new trend of geometric lines it looks amazing.

Just bitten lips: Just bitten lips are getting more and more famous with time the reason is that they look more natural, beautiful sexy, gives you fuller lips and also stays up for quite a long time.


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