Margot Robbie’s Makeup Tips

Margot Robbie’s Makeup Tips

Margot Robbie is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood today. She revealed that she doesn’t have a daily routine, but instead it’s dictated by what she’s working on at the time. She shared some makeup tips that help keep her skin looking great while in front of the camera.


Products She Loves to Use


Robbie uses Dr. Lancer cleanser to remove makeup and dirt in her face. She uses La Prairie moisturizer and eye cream to moisturize her skin. She has sensitive skin, and that’s why she doesn’t use any serums. She uses facial mists, and her favorite brands are Caudalie and Aesop mists.


Nipple Cream as Lip Balm


One weird item in her makeup bag is Bepanthen, which is a diaper rash cream for babies and a nipple cream for mothers who are breastfeeding. She said that the product works in treating dry lips. She confessed to using the product all her life.


Removing Foundation on Her Lips


One common makeup mistake women make is applying foundation on their lips. Everyone knows how hard it is to remove foundation on the lips. The most common solution is to apply several layers of lipstick to hide the foundation.


Margot Robbie shared that to remove the foundation, all you need to do is to dip a cotton Q-tip into eye makeup remover. That way you don’t need to wear any lipstick. She said she learned this makeup trick from makeup artists she worked with throughout the years.


No Makeup on the Plane


While traveling, Margot doesn’t wear any makeup on the plane. However, she wears makeup in the airport because she needs to look good for the paparazzi and the public. As soon she’s seated on the plane, she takes off her makeup with the use of complexion pads by Peter Thomas Roth.      


These are the makeup tips from Margot Robbie herself. She prefers the more natural look and prefers organic brands that do wonders for her skin. 

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